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    oil production

    oil production

HEC is mainly used as a thickening and stabilizing agent in the oil field treatment process. It has the characteristics of good thickening effect, strong and stable sand suspension ability, heat resistance, high salt tolerance, small pipeline resistance, fast gel breaking, and low residue, making it a good oil field chemical. Widely used in oil production operations such as drilling, completion, and cementing, it can improve the ability of mud to carry rock cuttings and extend the service life of drill bits during drilling. In low solid drilling and completion fluids, HEC's excellent fluid loss reduction performance can prevent a large amount of water from seeping into the wellbore from the operating fluid, which can improve the stability of the wellbore. HEC is also used as a filter loss reducer and oil displacement agent for oil fields, with the advantages of strong shear resistance, abundant raw materials, and low environmental pollution. It has good temperature and salt resistance


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